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As of May 2017

This list tracks the publishers and other producers of poetry projects who are covered to date by Galatea Resurrects (GR). This blog post begins with coverage of May 2017 issue;  prior publisher coverage as of Issue 24 is HERE and for Issues 1-23 HERE and HERE. The list is comprised of new reviews and reprinted reviews (reviews given by online presence as the reviews were first published in print publications). As of May 2017, we are pleased to report that GR has provided 1,829 projects with new reviews (covering 605 publishers in 18 countries so far) and 154 reprinted reviews (mostly to bring online reviews previously available only viz print or in now-defunct online sites, as well as to present online various engagements as book introductions, prefaces and/or afterwords). 
Next to each publisher's name is a number that will indicate the number of books reviewed so far.

The number before each review information indicates which issue the review appeared.

Each publisher is listed in alphabetical order; at the end of a list is a tally for "other" poetry projects -- i.e., not print publications but a blog, poetry videos and a poetry CD.

Bhinnomukh (Kolkata, India) --1
May 2017: Runa Bandyopadhyay reviews Chhayader Bhalotuku / The Fair Parts of Shadows by Dhiman Chakraborty

Moria Books' Locofo Chaps: --3
May 2017: Therese Bachand reviews EXPLANATION MODEL FOR 'VIRUS' by Freike Raiha; M. Earl Smith reviews WEATHERED REPORTS: Trump Surrogate Quotes From the Underground by Amy Bassin and Mark Blickley and STOP ARMAGEDDON by Howard Yosha

Darrell Nettles--1
May 2017:   Eileen Tabios engages BROKEN VERSE by Darrell Nettles

Oread Press --1
May 2017: Tamas Panitz reviews LOVE SONG TO A BLUE GOD by Sophie Strand


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