Friday, July 01, 2016


Galatea Resurrects is pleased to announce the new awardee for its Galatea Resurrects Publisher Prize:


This Prize is awarded to honor poetry presses that GR wishes to support by raising attention to their books. Recipients of the Publisher Prize have their catalogues available to reviewers so that reviewers can choose one of their books.

Black Radish Books' single-author poetry books will be available to those who review for the next issue, Galatea Resurrects #27. Deadline for review submission is Nov. 27, 2016; more information for review submissions and available review copies is available HERE.

You can see Black Radish Books' poetry selection on their website, for instance through their CATALOGUE, through the poets listed alphabetically (go to HOME and click on poets), or through their STORE. After you submit your review, you can inform GR Editor Eileen Tabios of your selection.

To date, the recipients of the GR Publisher Prize are:

GR #27:
Black Radish Books, Eds. Marthe Reed and Nicole Mauro

GR #15:
Better Homes Through Better Poems Lulu Storefront, Curated by Reb Livingston to represent micropress and independent poetry publishers and based in the internet

GR #14:
Carayan Press, Ed. Edwin Lozada and based in San Francisco

GR #13:
Moria Books, Ed. William Allegrezza and based in Chicago

GR #12:
Bloof Books, Ed. Shanna Compton and based in Central New Jersey
Marsh Hawk Press, a collective of wise poets and based in New York

GR #11:
Otoliths Books, Ed. Mark Young and based in Rockhampton, Australia
No Tell Books, Ed. Reb Livingston and based in Virginia


This program is supported by a grant from that secret but benevolent society, Oenophiles For Poetry.