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This list tracks the publishers and other producers of poetry projects who are covered to date by Galatea Resurrects (GR). This blog post begins with coverage of Issue 24; publisher coverage for Issues 1-23 are available HERE and HERE. The list is comprised of new reviews and reprinted reviews (reviews given by online presence as the reviews were first published in print publications). As of May 2017, we are pleased to report that GR has provided 1,823 projects with new reviews (covering 602 publishers in 18 countries so far) and 154 reprinted reviews (mostly to bring online reviews previously available only viz print or in now-defunct online sites, as well as to present online various engagements as book introductions, prefaces and/or afterwords). 
Next to each publisher's name is a number that will indicate the number of books reviewed so far.

The number before each review information indicates which issue the review appeared.

(Thus, the first item below means that the publisher Harry N. Abrams so far has seen one of its publications reviewed twice and that both reviews appeared in  Issue No. 24.)

Each publisher is listed in alphabetical order; at the end of a list is a tally for "other" poetry projects -- i.e., not print publications but a blog, poetry videos and a poetry CD.

(count begins as of Issue 24)

Harry N. Abrams --2
24: Jonas Schallenberg reviews Meanwhile by Jason Shiga; Zaki Refai reviews Meanwhile by Jason Shiga

A Firm Nigh Holistic Press (Berlin) --1
27: John Bloomberg-Rissman reviews Cancer: Poems after Katerina Gogou, by Sean Bonney

Ahsahta Press --8
27: Chris Mansel reviews Forty-One Jane Doe’s by Carrie Olivia Adams
26: Jay Besemer reviews Garments Against Women by Anne Boyer; Jon Curley reviews Trafficke by Susan Tichy
25: Neil Leadbeater reviews Orange Roses by Lucy Ives; Edric Mesmer engages The True Keeps Calm Biding Its Story by Rusty Morrison; Karolina Zapal engages BEAST FEAST by Cody-Rose Clevidence; Karolina Zapal engages ] Exclosures [ by Emily Abendroth
24: Eileen Tabios engages DRAGON LOGIC by Stephanie Strickland

Akashic Books --1
24: Veronica Montes reviews The Descartes Highlands by Eric Gamalinda

Aldus Editorial --1
26: Jay Besemer reviews Anti-Humboldt: A Reading of the North American Free Trade Agreement / Una lecture del Tratado de Libre Comercio de America del Norte by Hugo Garcia Manriquez

Alice James Books --1
March 2017: Neil Leadbeater reviews PIER by Janine Oshiro

Anvil Publishing (Philippines) --1
February 2017: Eileen Tabios engages The Music Child & The Mahjong Queen by Alfred A. Yuson

Autumn House --6
March 2017: Neil Leadbeater reviews APOCALYPSE MIX by Jane Satterfield
27: Neal Leadbeater reviews Glass Harvest by Amie Whittemore
26: Anne Marie Fowler reviews 67 Mogul Miniatures by Raza Ali Hasan
25: Eileen Tabios engages A Green River in Spring: Poems by Matthew Thorburn
24: Neil Leadbeater reviews The River Is Rising and Where the Road Turns, both by Patricia Jabbeh Wesley

Barque Press --1

25: Colin Lee Marshall reviews Lower Parallel by Amy De'Ath

Bear Star Press --1
24: Sarah Sarai reviews Woodnote by Christine Deavel

Belladonna --2
27: Eileen Tabios engages MAKING SPACE: A NOTEBOOK by Sandra Lim
26: Eileen Tabios engages The Hand Has Twenty-Seven Bones—: These Hands If Not Gods by Natalie Diaz

Beneath the Underground Press --2
26: Dan Raphael reviews Selected Improvisations by Vernon Frazer; Joel Chace reviews Selected Improvisations by Vernon Frazer

Birds LLC --1

January 2017: Neil Leadbeater reviews GOAT IN THE SNOW by Emily Pettit

BkMk Press --4

27: Neil Leadbeater reviews One Blackbird at a Time by Wendy Barker; Eileen Tabios engages The Red Hijab by Bonnie Bolling
26: Valerie Morton reviews ONE BLACKBIRD AT A TIME by Wendy Barker; Neil Leadbeater reviews Border States by Jane Hoogestraat

Black Lawrence Press --4
26: Eileen Tabios engages Radio Silence by Philip Schaefer and Jeff Whitney
25: Eileen Tabios engages Decency by Marcela Sulak; Eileen Tabios engages OTHERS WILL ENTER THE GATES: Immigrant Poets on Poetry, Influences and Writing in America, Edited by Abayomi Animashaun
24: Eileen Tabios engages Driving to the Bees by Maggie Schwed

Black Radish Books --3

2017: Jim McCrary reviews LUCI: A Forbidden Soteriology by j/j hastain
27: Jessica Gonzalez reviews After projects the resound by Kimberly Alidio
25: Eileen Tabios engages Orphan Machines by Carrie Hunter

Black Square Editions --2
27: Eileen Tabios engagesTHE SONG OF THE DEAD by Pierre Reverdy, translated by Dan Bellm
24: Eileen Tabios engages TREMBLING HAND EQUILIBRIUM by Barry Schwabsky

BlazeVOX Books --13
May 2017: Eileen Tabios engages FANTASTIC CARYATIDS: A CONVERSATION WITH ART by Anne Waldman and Vincent Katz
2017: Eileen Tabios engages HEISENBERG'S SALON by Susan Lewis; Eileen Tabios engages THE OLFACTIONS: Poems on Perfume by Anne Gorrick; Eileen Tabios engages STONE by Naomi Buck Palagi
27: Mary Kasimor reviews A's Visuality by Anne Gorrick; Neil Leadbeater reviews The Speed of Our Lives by Grace C. Ocasio; Eileen Tabios engages THE RAPTURE OF EDDY DAEMON (A Posthuman Homage to Shake-Speares Sonnets) by Daniel Y. Harris
26: Eileen Tabios engages HI-DENSITY POLITICS by Urayoan Noel; Jon Curley reviews War, and After by Joel Chace
25: Michael Boughn reviews K A 21ST CENTURY CANZONIERE by I Goldfarb; Eileen Tabios engages FLUTES AND TOMATOES: A MEMOIR WITH POEMS and The Color Symphonies, both by Wade Stevenson
24: Peg Duthie engages She, A Blueprint by Michelle Naka Pierce (text) and Sue Hammond West (image)

Blood Pudding Press --3
27: M. Earl Smith reviews Stick Up by Paul David Adkins
25: Eileen Tabios engages LETTERS FROM ROOM 27 OF THE GRAND MIDWAY HOTEL by Margaret Bashaar; Genevieve Kaplan reviews FIDDLE IS FLOOD by Lauren Gordon

Bloof Books --1

jim mccrary engages The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway by Jennifer L. Knox

BOA Editions --1
25: Sandy McIntosh reviews Living is What I Wanted: Last Poems by David Ignatow

Blue Lion Books --1
25: Neil Leadbeater reviews In The Weaver's Valley by William Allegrezza

Book Thug --1
27: Eileen Tabios engages OPERATIONS by Moez Surani

Bootstrap --2
25: Cem Coker reviews Way Too West by Julien Poirier
24: Patrick James Dunagan engages I No Longer Believe in the Sun: Love Letters to Katie Couric by Derek Fenner

Bread Loaf Writers' Conference / Middlebury College Press --1
25: richard lopez reviews 66 galaxy by m loncar

Bucknell University Press --1

26: Tom Beckett engages Alpha Ruins by Charles Borkhuis

Bull City Press --1
26: Genevieve Kaplan reviews THE GREENHOUSE by Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet

Burnside Review --1
25: Eileen Tabios engages Fruits and Flowers and Animals and Seas and Lands Do Open by Michael Leong

Burnt Wine Press (Canada) --1
24: Richard Lopez reviews  Coming Ashore on Fire by Michael Dennis

Callicoon --1
26: Jon Curley reviews Labor by Jill Magi

Cambridge Materials --1
27: Jim McCrary reviews Army Poems by Ken Irby

Cape Editions (London) --1
February 2017: Murat Nemet-Nejat engages MAYAN LETTERS by Charles Olson

Casula Powerhouse & Blacktown Arts Centre (Australia) --1
24: Sheila Bare reviews Salu-Salo: In Conversation with Filipinos: An Anthology of Philippine-Australian WritingsEdited by Jose Wendell P. Capili and John Cheeseman

Cervena Barva Press --3
26: Chris Mansel reviews HOW TO BE ANOTHER by Susan Lewis; Eileen Tabios engages Fire Tongue by Zvi A. Sesling
25: Monica Manolachi reviews Ten Songs from Bulgaria by Linda Nemec Foster

Chax Press --4
26: Tom Beckett engages Disappearing Acts and Afterimage, both by Charles Borkhuis
25: Eileen Tabios engages wardolly and CHANTRY, both by Elizabeth Treadwell

Ceratonia Siliqua Press --1
26: Eileen Tabios engages Traces: Poems to Paintings with poems by James Wagner and paintings by Nava Waxman

CHAX --1
27: Eileen Tabios engages ENTANGLED BANK by James Sherry

City Lights Publishers --2
February 2017: Eileen Tabios engages The Poetry Deal by Diane di Prima
27: Eileen Tabios engages 
SAVE TWILIGHT: Selected Poems of Julio Cortazar, Trans. by Stephen Kessler

Cleveland State University Poetry Center --2
April 2017: Katie Hibner reviews daughterrarium by Sheila McMullin
25: Eileen Tabios engages I Live in a Hut by S.E. Smith

Coach House Press (Canada) --2
24: Ole Kauert reviews Eunoia by Christian Bök; Zaki Refai reviews Eunoia by Christian Bök

Coal Hill Review --1
25: Eileen Tabios engages A Green River in Spring: Poems by Matthew Thorburn

Coconut Books --1
26: jim mccrary reviews Diary of a K-Drama Villain by Min K Kang

Coffee House Press --13
2017: Neal Leadbeater reviews EXPECT DELAYS by Bill Berkson
27: Patrick James Dunagan reviews The Tortoise of History by Anselm Hollo; John Bloomberg-Rissman reviews The Tortoise of History by Anselm Hollo; Neil Leadbeater reviews Prelude to Bruise by Saeed Jones; Neil Leadbeater reviews Cross Worlds: Transcultural Poetics – An Anthology edited by Anne Waldman and Laura Wright; Eileen Tabios engages MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY by Eleni Sikelianos
26: Chris Mansel reviews VOICE'S DAUGHTER OF A HEART YET TO BE BORN by Anne Waldman
25: Neil Leadbeater reviews Sentences and Rain by Elaine Equi; Neil Leadbeater reviews Broken World and Testify, both by Joseph Lease; Monica Manolachi reviews Secret Weapon by Eugen Jebeleanu, Trans. from the Romanian by Matthew Zapruder and Radu Ioanid with an Introduction by Andrei Codrescu
24: Neil Leadbeater reviews Saltwater Empire and Special Powers and Abilities, both by Raymond McDaniel

coin*im*press --1
26: M. Earl Smith reviews i eat cannibals by Gina Abelkop

Commune --1
27: T.C. Marshall reviews Still Dirty by David Lau
Counterpath Press --1
James Sanders reviews Alkali by Craig Dworkin

Laura Corsiglia --1
27: John Bloomberg-Rissman reviews How to Handle a Bird by Laura Corsiglia

Country Valley Press --1
April 2017: Eileen Tabios engages FOUR PLUS FOUR by David Giannini

Cuneiform Press --1
25: T.C. Marshall reviews Poems to Work On: The Collected Poems of Jim Dine. Edited with Foreword by Vincent Katz

Dancing Girl Press  & Studio--3
25: Eileen Tabios engages PIGTAIL DUTY by Melissa Eleftherion; Eileen Tabios engages Bad Baby by Abigail Welhouse; Genevieve Kaplan reviews ALLUVIUM by Erin M. Bertram

Delete Press --1
24: Laura Carter reviews Called by Kate Greenstreet

Dirty Swan Projects --1
25: Judith Roitman reviews The Pyrrhiad by Nico Peck

Doire Press (Ireland) --1
25: Valerie Morton reviews The Invisible Girl by E.E. Nobbs

Dos Madres Press -9

2017: Ralph La Charity reviews MESSAGE FROM THE MEMOIRIST by Paul Pines; Eileen Tabios engages An Autobiography by Panagiotis A. Tsonis; Eileen Tabios engages REALMS OF THE MOTHERS, edited by Richard Hague
27: Eileen Tabios engages 
EYEWITNESS by Natalie Safir
26: Jon Curley reviews The Cranberry Island Series by Donald Wellman; Eileen Tabios engages Stanzas on Oz: Poems 2011-2014 by David M. Katz
25: Burt Kimmelman reviews The Magnificence of Ruin by Sherry Kearns; Eileen Tabios engages There Are Words by Burt Kimmelman; Eileen Tabios engages The Gospel According to Judas by Keith Holyoak

Dr. Cicero Books --1
25: Tamas Panitz reviews The Red Dress by Billie Chernicoff

Crater Press (U.K.) --1
25: Colin Lee Marshall reviews Petrarch Collected Atkins by Tim Atkins

Dos Madres Press --2
May 2017: Eileen Tabios engages HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT by Olivia Stiffler
27: Eileen Tabios engages The Palace of Flowers by Gerry Grubbs

Durga Press --1
24: April Joseph reviews not so, sea by Mg Roberts

Dusie --5
26: Chris Mansel reviews CADDISH by Susana Gardner; Genevieve Kaplan reviews IDYLLS & RUSHES by Susana Gardner
25: Eileen Tabios engages CORNSTARCH FIGURINE by Elizabeth Treadwell; Genevieve Kaplan reviews a gunless tea by Marco Giovenale and The Goddess can be Recognized by her Step by Sarah Mangold

Editions du Cygne (Paris)--1
26: Daniel Y. Harris reviews Sapodilla by Michael Rothenberg

editura pim / Bibliotheca Universalis (Romania) --4
27: Eileen Tabios engages JOINING THE DOTS / UNITI PUNCTELE by Monica Manolachi; Eileen Tabios engages Wandering in word by Kees van Meel
26: Neil Leadbeater reviews The Year of the Tree by Katherine Gallagher and Reading Apollinaire by Valerie Fox

Ekhon Bangla kobitar Kagoj (West Bengal, India) --1
2017: Runa Bandyopadhyay reviews Ice Cream ... With a Smile by Swapan Ray

ellis press --224: Jim Mccrary reviews portrait of a lesser subject by e. tracy Grinnell and Shade by Jamie Townsend

Enigmatist --1
27: Eileen Tabios engages THE ENIGMATIST, Vol. 11, 2016, poetry journal edited by Mike and Joyce Gullickson

Factory Hollow Press --1
27: M. Earl Smith reviews Position Papers by Andrea Lawlor

Farrar, Straus and Giroux --1
25: Jeff Harrison engages Collected French Translations: Prose by John Ashbery

Finishing Line Press --2

27: Eileen Tabios engages Dissection by Nikki Thompson
25: Eileen Tabios engages Double-Edged by Susan Terris

Five Oaks Press --1
2017: Eileen Tabios engages breakup/breakdown by Charles Jensen

Flood Editions --1
27: Patrick James Dunagan reviews The Art of Language: Selected Essays by Kenneth Cox

Funtime Press --1
25: Kyle Henrichs reviews cessation covers by Steve Halle

Furniture Press --1
April 2017: Sam Lohmann engages We Denizens by Jen Coleman

Further Other Book Works --2
2017: Eileen Tabios engages We Used to be Generals by Sarah Campbell
26: Allen Bramhall reviews Green Oil by Jean Donnelly

Ghost Road Press --1
27: Eileen Tabios engages The Fever Almanac by Kristy Bowen 

Gold Wake Press --1
26: Anne Marie Fowler reviews Night Songs by Kristina Marie Darling

gradient books (Finland) --2
26: Eileen Tabios engages Bandicoot habitat by Mark Young
25: richard lopez reviews All Hat, No Cattle by lars palm

Grand Central Press --1
April 2017: M. Earl Smith reviews EGGHEAD by Bo Burnham and Chance Bone

Graywolf Press --3
27: Jim McCrary reviews Look by Solmaz Sharif
26: Eileen Tabios engages THE ARGONAUTS by Maggie Nelson
24: Eileen Tabios engages DON’T LET ME BE LONELY: AN AMERICAN LYRIC by Claudia Rankine

Grey Book Press --1
26: Eileen Tabios engages Diurnal by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

Grove Press --1
February 2017: Murat Nemet-Nejat engages CALL ME ISHMAEL by Charles Olson

GSPS (Canada) --1
24: Richard Lopez reviews missing the kisses of eloquence by Michael Dennis

Hanging Loose --4

26: Eileen Tabios engages Dearest Annie, You Wanted a Report on Berkson's Class: Letters from Frances LeFevre to Anne Waldman edited by Lisa Birman; Eileen Tabios engages Take Your hand Out of My Pocket, Shiva by Leonard Gontarek
25: Monica Manolachi reviews He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Needs by Leonard Gontarek
24: Sheila Bare reviews What I’ve Stolen, What I’ve Earned by Sherman Alexie

Hooke Press --1
24: Eileen Tabios engages Selected Amazon Reviews by Kevin Killian, Edited by Brent Cunningham

Horse Less Press --1
2017: Judith Roitman reviews TRISM by Rebecca Loudon

House of Anansi Press --1
24: Parker Bryant reviews The Tapeworm Foundry by Darren Wershler

if p then q (U.K.) --2
25: Eileen Tabios engages A Field Guide to Lost Things by Peter Jaeger
24: Eileen Tabios engages ACTION SCORE GENERATOR by Nathan Walker

Insert Press --1

27: M. Earl Smith reviews Three Column Table by Harold Abramowitz

Instance Press --1
27: Eileen Tabios engages "INHABITED NOTHINGNESS CHAIR," a poem in ROUGE by Kimberly Lyons

The Knives, Forks and Spoon Press (U.K.) --1
24: Joel Chace reviews Justified Sonnets by James McLaughlin

Lame House Press --1
24: Laura Carter reviews Hello, My Meat by Daniel Beauregard

Lark Books & Writing Studio --1
27: Eileen Tabios engages oropel / tinsel by Raquel Salas-Rivera

Leaky Boot Press (U.K.) --2
27: Kevin Swanwick reviews Brash Ice by Djelloul Marbrook
24: Eileen Tabios engages BRASH ICE: NEW POEMS by Djelloul Marbrook

Les Figues Press --3
26: John Bloomberg-Rissman reviews 100 Chinese Silences by Timothy Yu; Eileen Tabios engages 100 Chinese Silences by Timothy Yu
25: T.C. Marshall reviews GUANTANAMO by Frank Smith, Trans. by Vanessa Place

Arthur A. Levine Books --2
24: Jonas Schallenberg reviews The Arrival by Shaun Tan; Parker Bryant reviews The Arrival by Shaun Tan

Longhouse --1
25: Michael Boughn reviews I Once Met by Kent Johnson

Litmus Press --6
27: Eileen Tabios engages THEN GO ON by Mary Burger; Neal Leadbeater reviews Beauport by Kate Colby; Chris Mansel reviews Amnesia of The Movement of Clouds & of Red and Black Verse by Maria Attanasio, Trans. by Carla Billitteri
26: Jay Besemer reviews Anti-Humboldt: A Reading of the North American Free Trade Agreement / Una lecture del Tratado de Libre Comercio de America del Norte by Hugo Garcia Manriquez; Jay Besemer reviews Fabulas Feminae by Susan Bee and Johanna Drucker
25: Eileen Tabios engages ACTUALITIES by Norma Cole and Marina Adams

LUCILLE #1 / Double Lucy Books --1

25: Eileen Tabios engages The Milk Bees by Elizabeth Treadwell

Lunar Chandelier Press and Collective --5
2017: Michael Boughn reviews Waters Of by Billie Chernicoff
27: Joel Newberger reviews Uncreated Mirror by Tamas Panitz; Tamas Panitz reviews Notes on Heart Thread by Robert Kelly
26: Eileen Tabios engages A Picture of Everyone I Love Passes Through me with collages by Lynn Behrendt and text mixed by John Bloomberg-Rissman and remixed by Lynn Behrendt; Alana Siegel engages Heart Thread by Robert Kelly

Magic Helicopter Press --1
25: Eileen Tabios engages SMILES OF THE UNSTOPPABLE by Jason Bredle

Maine Street Rag --1
2017: Dana Wilde reviews Coring the Moon: selected poems by Kenneth Frost

Mangyan Heritage Center (Philippines) --1
24: Eileen Tabios engages Mangyan Treasures on The Ambahan: A poetic expression of the Mangyan of Southern Mindoro, Philippines by Antoon Postma

Many Mountains Moving --1
26: Neil Leadbeater reviews All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song by Rebecca Foust

Many Voices Press --2
27: Eileen Tabios engages NOAH’S BOAT by CB Follett
26: Eileen Tabios engages QUATREFOIL by CB Follett

Marsh Hawk Press --9

27: Eileen Tabios engages Sowing the Wind: A Requiem in the Modern World by Ed Foster; Eileen Tabios engages Abandoned Angel: New Poems by Burt Kimmelman; Eileen Tabios engages HISTORY NOW by Basil King
26: Neil Leadbeater reviews A Hole in the Ocean: A Hamptons' Apprenticeship by Sandy McIntosh; Chris Mansel reviews Latest Volcano by Tana Jean Welch; Eileen Tabios engages CHARLOTTE SONGS by Paul Pines
25: Allen Bramhall reviews Hybrid Moments by Jon Curley; Eileen Tabios engages KRAZY: Visual Poems and Performance Scripts by Jane Augustine25: Neal Leadbeater reviews My Chocolate Sarcophagus by Claudia Carlson

Mayapple Press --1
26: Brin Sanford reviews The Robot Scientist's Daughter by Jeannine Hall Gailey

McNaughton Gunn --1
24:  Sally Heggeman reviews Organic Furniture Cellar by Jessica Smith

Meritage Press (w/ i.e. press) --7
APRIL 2017: Sheri Reda reviews PORT LIGHT: A Hay(na)ku Collection by William Allegrezza
March 2017: Sheri Reda reviews Step Below: Selected Poems 2000-2015 by William Allegrezza
26: Chris Mansel reviews Pelican Dreaming: Poems 1959-2008 by Mark Young
25: Neil Leadbeater reviews HOTUS POTUS by Mark Young; Neil Leadbeater reviews Fragile Replacements by William Allegrezza; Allen Bramhall self-reviews DAYS POEM, Vols. 1 & 2
24: Neil Leadbeater reviews Port Light: A Hay(na)ku Collection by William Allegrezza

Midwest Writing Center--1

Moria Books / Locofo Chaps --31

May 2017: M. Earl Smith reviews DRIFTWOOD MONSTER: HAIKU FOR TROUBLED TIMES and THE OWL STILL ASKING: TANKA FOR TROUBLED TIMES - both by Kath Abela Wilson, B & O BLUES by Aileen Cassinetto, MANIFESTO FOR TROUBLED TIMES by mIEKAL aND, CHECK & BALANCE by Luisa A. Igloria, LA POLICE by Bill Lavender, A CAPACIOUS ACT by Charles A. Perrone and IMAGINE RENAISSANCE by Naomi Buck Palagi; Matt Wilson reviews  MANIFESTO FOR TROUBLED TIMES by mIEKAL aND
April 2017: Andrew Rihn reviews A CONTINUUM OF FORCE by Francesco Levato and HOW TO ZING THE GOVERNMENT by Travis Macdonald; Steve Klepetar reviews THE MARRIAGE OF HEAVEN AND HELL: AN ELECTION CYCLE by Andrew and Donora A. Rihn, IF WE WERE BIRDS by Janine Harrison and DONALD TRUMP AND THE POCKET ORACLE by Jared Schickling; Freke Raiha reviews TO BE AN EMPIRE IS TO BURN! by Eileen R. Tabios, TWENTY MOMENTS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD by John C. Goodman and THE PROMETHEUS COLLAGE by Mary Kasimor; Eileen Tabios engages DONALD TRUMP IN NORTH KOREA by Jared Schickling; M. Earl Smith reviews IF THEY HADN'T WORN WHITE HOODS, ... by John Bloomberg-Rissman and Eileen Tabios
March 2017: Eileen Tabios engages NEVERTHELESS, #SHE PERSISTED edited by Barbara Jane Reyes; Martha Deed reviews MEN, DEATH, LIES by Roy Bentley; and Mary Kasimor reviews DON'T SAY HIS NAME by Donna Kuhn; Eileen Tabios engages the Locofo Chap series; Steve Klepetar reviews WE ALL SAW IT COMING by Bill Yarrow; Sheri Reda reviews IMAGINE RENAISSANCE by Naomi Buck Palagi; Steve Klepetar reviews DATA PRIMER by Marthe Reed; Steve Klepetar reviews HUMPTY DRUMPFTY AND OTHER POEMS by Melinda Luisa de Jesus
February 2017: Eileen Tabios engages HUMPTY DRUMPFTY AND OTHER POEMS by Melinda Luisa de Jesus; Francesco Levato reviews A CAPacious Act by Charles A. Perrone
January 2017: Joel Chace reviews A CONTINUUM OF FORCE by Francesco Levatol Eileen Tabios engages AMERICA'S TIN by Joel Chace
26: Eileen Tabios engages Saint Pink by Mary Kasimor; Elly Nobbs engages Paper Craft by Catherine Daly

Myrmaid Press --1

25: Neal Leadbeater reviews My Chocolate Sarcophagus by Claudia Carlson

The National Poetry Review Press --1
24: jim mccrary engages Inappropriate Sleepover by Meg Johnson

NeO Pepper Press --1
26: Genevieve Kaplan reviews PART, PART EUPHRATES by Arpine Konyalian Grenier

New Directions Books --1

26: jim mccrary reviews Works & Days by Bernadette Mayer

New Feral Press --1
April 2017: Eileen Tabios engages RICKSHAW CHASM with poems by David Giannini and collages by John Digby

Nightboat Books --4
26: Chris Mansel reviews SWIMMING HOME by Vincent Katz; Eileen Tabios engages DIANOIA by Michael Heller; Jon Curley reviews Labor by Jill Magi
24: Deborah Poe and John Bloomberg-Rissman engage To look at the sea is to become what one is: An Etel Adnan Reader (2 vol. set), Eds. Thom Donovan and Brandon Shimoda

North Point Press --1
26: Eileen Tabios engages Collected Poems 1957-1982 by Wendell Berry

The Oliver Arts and Open Press --1
25: John Bloomberg-Rissman reviews The Victory of sex & Metal by Barbara Mor

Omnidawn --5
26: Patrick James Dunagan reviews Particulars of Place by Richard O. Moore; Eileen Tabios engages THE UNFOLLOWING by Lyn Hejinian; Neil Leadbeater reviews Ohio Railroads by C.S. Giscombe
25: Eileen Tabios engages SHIELDS & SHARDS & STITCHES & SONGS by Dan Beachy-Quick; Eileen Tabios engages MEMOS by Susan Terris

Onesentencepoems --1
March 2017: Eileen Tabios engages A FEW GEOGRAPHIES by Mark Young

Open Letter (University of Rochester) --1
26: Monica Manolachi reviews Dark Times Filled with Light: The Selected Work of Juan Gelman, translated by Hardie St. Martin

Pantheon --1
24: Jonas Schallenberg reviews PERSEPOLIS: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi

Parlor Press --2
27: Chris Mansel reviews THE THINKING EYE by Jennifer Atkinson
26: Eileen Tabios engages SPINE by Carolyn Guinzio

Penguin --1
27: Jim McCrary reviews As Ever by Joanne Kyger

Penn Sound --1
26: Elly Nobbs engages "LA-Lit 29: Catherine Daly (Nov. 11, 2007)"

Penny Ante Editions --1
2017: Eileen Tabios engages Reconsolidation: Or, it's the ghosts who will answer you by Janice Lee

Pleasure Boat Studio: A Literary Press --2
26: Chris Mansel reviews ORIGINAL SIN by Michael Daley
24: Neil Leadbeater reviews Home and Away: The Old Town Poems by Kevin Miller

Poetry Space Ltd. (U.K.) --1
24: Eileen Tabios engages The Loveliest Vein of our Lives by Neil Leadbeater

Post-Apollo Press --1
24: John Bloomberg-Rissman engages Homage to Etel Adnan, Edited by Lindsey Boldt, Steve Dickison & SamanthA Giles

Primary Information --1
26: Allen Bramhall reviews AN ANTHOLOGY OF CONCRETE POETRY edited by Emmett Williams

Quale Press --1
25: Neil Leadbeater reviews Jargon by Brian Clements

Rafaelli Editore, Rimini (Italy) --1
24: Neil Leadbeater reviews Vuelo Subterráneo / Subterranean Flight by Mario Melendz

Red Fox Press (Ireland) --1
March 2017: Eileen Tabios engages THE SEER by Marton Koppany

Roof Books --2

27: Eileen Tabios engages Top 40 by Brandon Brown
26: Tom Jenks reviews Parsival by Steve McCaffery

Rose Metal Press --1
26: Jay Besemer reviews Family Resemblance: An Anthology and Exploration of 8 Hybrid Literary Genres edited by Marcela Sulak and Jacqueline Kolosov

Salmon Poetry (Ireland) --2
February 2017: Jessica Gonzalez reviews Only More So by Millicent Borges Accardi
26: Eileen Tabios engages The Day Judge Spencer Learned the Power of Metaphor by Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow

Salt (U.K.) --1
24: Michael S. Judge reviews Schedule of Unrest: Selected Poems by John Wilkinson

Saturnalia Press --2
27: Eileen Tabios engages 
THE TORNADO IS THE WORLD by Catherine Pierce
25: Joshua Hussey reviews Velleity's Shade with poems by Bill Knott and collages by Star Black

Shearsman Books --3
February 2017: E.E. Nobbs reviews INFINITE DIFFERENCES: OTHER POETRIES BY U.K. WOMEN POETS edited by Carrie Etter
27: Eileen Tabios engages Changing by Richard Berengarten
26: Like the Rains Come by Mercedes Roffe, translated by Janet Greenberg

Shit Pocket Press --1
27: Eileen Tabios engages A Yearbook by Jim McCrary

Slapering Hol Press --1
27: Eileen Tabios engages The Night Could Go In Either Direction by Kim Addonizio and Brittany Perham

Something Else Press --1
26: Allen Bramhall reviews AN ANTHOLOGY OF CONCRETE POETRY edited by Emmett Williams

Spuyten Duyvil and Dispatches Editions--7
April 2017: Eileen Tabios engages POROUS BORDERS by David Giannini
March 2017: Eileen Tabios engages RESIST MUCH / OBEY LITTLE: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance edited by Michael Boughn, John Bradley, Brenda Cárdenas, Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, Kass Fleisher, Roberto Harrison, Kent Johnson, Andrew Levy, Nathaniel Mackey, Rubén Medina, Philip Metres, Nita Noveno, Julie Patton, Margaret Randall, Michael Rothenberg, Chris Stroffolino, 
Anne Waldman, Marjorie Welish, Tyrone Williams 
27: Andre Spears engages CITY by Michael Boughn
26: Tom Beckett engages Savoir-Fear by Charles Borkhuis; Chris Mansel reviews Triple Crown by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright; Eileen Tabios engages Drops of Rain / Drops of Wine by Patrick James Dunagan
24: Eileen Tabios engages STATE OF THE UNION by Susan Lewis

Stanford University Press --1

27: Jim McCrary reviews The Collected Poems of Larry Eigner Volume III, edited by Curtis Faville and Robert Grenier

Subito Press --1
24: Amanda [Ngoho] Reavey reviews As We Know by Amaranth Borsuk and Andy Fitch

Talisman House --6
March 2017: Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno reviews LET THE GAMES BEGIN: FIVE ROMAN WRITERS by Peter Valente
February 2017: Runa Bandyopadhyay reviews Animals of Dawn by Murat Nemet-Nejat
2017: Neal Leadbeater reviews I Am Going to Fly Through Glass: Selected Poems of Harold Norse, ed. Todd Swindell
27: Eileen Tabios engages SONG X: New and Selected Poems by Patrick Pritchett
26: Allen Bramhall reviews Roman Exercises by Donald Wellman; Monica Manolachi reviews New Poetry from Spain, edited and translated by Marta Lopez-Luaces, Johnny Lorenz & Edwin M. Lamboy

Tarpaulin Sky --1
2017: Judith Roitman reviews Dollyland by Claire Hero

Tender Buttons Press --1
24: Patrick James Dunagan engages Dear Alain by Katy Bohinc

theenk books --2
26: Creed Shepard reviews THIS HERE by Jim McCrary; richard lopez  reviews THIS HERE by Jim McCrary

The Moonstone Press --2
April 2017:Martin Smith reviews Madison Hatta's Book of Unrelenting Rhymes, Or: Madisonnets, Vol. 2 by April Lynn James
February 2017: Martin Smith reviews Madison Hatta's Book of Unreasonable Rhymes by April Lynn James

The Muse Media --2
26: Monica Manolachi reviews THE GREAT AMERICAN POETRY SHOW, Vol. 1, edited by Larry Ziman, Madeline Sharples, and Nicky Selditz and THE GREAT AMERICAN POETRY SHOW, Vol. 2, edited by Larry Ziman, Madeline Sharples, and Nicky Selditz 

Timeless, Infinite Light --1
24: Eileen Tabios engages As They Fall by Ivy Johnson

Tinfish --5
March 2017: Genevieve Kaplan reviews A WINGED HORSE IN A PLANE by Salah Faik, trans. by Maged Zaher
27: Joshua Hussey reviews The Primoridal Density Perturbation by Stephen Collis
26: Allen Bramhall reviews Jack London is Dead: Contemporary Euro-American Poetry of Hawai'i (And Some Stories) edited by Susan M. Schultz; Eileen Tabios engages 15 Chinese Silences by Timothy Yu
25: Eileen Tabios engages MAO'S PEARS by Kenny Tanemura

Tinhouse Books --1
27: Jim McCrary reviews Last Sext by Melissa Broder

Toad Press --2
27: Eileen Tabios engages THE NIGHT’S BELLY by Sara Tuss Efrik, Trans. by Paul Cunningham
26: Monica Manolachi reviews Arctic Poems by Vicente Huidobro, translated by Nathan Hoks

Toadlily Press --2
25: Eileen Tabios engages ORIGAMI HEART by Andrea Bates; Allen Strous reviews A Good Wall by Katie Hartsock, George Bishop, Llinda Tomoi Pennisi and Jennifer Kearns

Touch the Donkey Press --1
26: jim mccrary reviews Touch the Donkey featuring Mary Kasimor, Billy Mavreas, Sonnet L'abe, damian lopes, Pet Smit, Katie L Price, a rawlings and Gil McElroy

Transmission Press --2
March 2017: M. Earl Smith reviews THE GILLES POEM by Sabrina Calle
25: Eileen Tabios engages COMPOS(T) MENTIS by Aaron Apps

Tupelo Press --1
25: Edric Mesmer engages After Urgency by Rusty Morrison

Ugly Duckling Presse --13
April 2017:Genevieve Kaplan reviews ON POEMS ON by Sandra Liu
March 2017: M. Earl Smith reviews WRITTEN IN THE DARK: FIVE POETS IN THE SIEGE OF LENINGRAD by Gennady Gor, Dmitry Maksimov, Sergey Rudakov, Vladimir Sterligov and Pavel Zaltsman, Edited by Polina Barskova
February 2017: Eileen Tabios engages THE HAPPY END / ALL WELCOME by Monica de la Torre
27: T.C. Marshall reviews Or, The Ambiguities by Karen Weiser
26: Monica Manolachi reviews Paper Children by Mariana Marin, translated by Adam J. Sorkin; Jason Morris reviews The Green Ray by Corina Copp; Eileen Tabios engages Algaravias: Echo Chamber by Waly Salomao, Translated by Maryam Monalisa Gharavi; Genevieve Kaplan reviews ALMOST PERFECT FORMS by Michael Stewart; Monica Manolachi reviews Morse, My Deaf Friend by Miloš Djurdjević
25: James Yeary reviews Alien Abduction by Lewis Warsh; Monica Manolachi reviews Look Back, Look Ahead by Srečko Kosovel, Trans. from the Slovene by Ana Jeinikar and Barbara Siegel Carlson
24: Tom Beckett reviews Sixty Morning Talks by Andy Fitch

Uniform Books --1

25: Judith Roitman reviews The Book of the Green Man by Ronald Johnson

United Artists Books --1
25: Eileen Tabios engages MORNING RITUAL by Lisa Rogal

University of Arkansas --1
24: Min Gu Kim and Jongyoon Choi review The Coal Life
 by Adam Vines

University of Nebraska --1
April 2017: Eileen Tabios engages CLAIMING BREATH by Diane Glancy

University of New Mexico Press --3
2017: Eileen Tabios engages OTREDAD/OTHERNESS by Claribel Alegria
26: Allen Bramhall reviews AMIRI BARAKA & EDWARD DORN: THE COLLECTED LETTERS edited by Claudia Moreno Pisano; Neil Leadbeater reviews Flirt by Noah Blaustein

University of North Texas --1
2017: Dana Wilde reviews Booker's Point by Megan Grumbling

University of Santo Tomas Publishing House (Philippines) --1
February 2017: Aloysiusi Lionel Polintan reviews CLAIRVOYANCE by Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

Unlikely Books --2
May 2017: Eileen Tabios engages GHAZALS 1-59 and OTHER POEMS by Sheila Murphy and Michelle Greenblatt
25: Alan Fyfe reviews Ashes and Seeds by Michelle Greenblatt

Vagabond Press (Australia) --1
24: The Rev. Dr. Thomas C. Marshall reviews Pregrets by Anselm Berrigan

Wave Books --2
2017: Eileen Tabios engages WHAT IS POETRY? (JUST KIDDING. I KNOW YOU KNOW) edited by Anselm Berrigan
25: Eileen Tabios engages Come In Alone by Anselm Berrigan

Wesleyan University Press --3
25: Sandy McIntosh reviews A Momentary Glory: Last Poems by Harvey Shapiro
24: Cat Tyc reviews THE TATTERS by Brenda CoultasBillie Chernicoff reviews A Poetry Reading by Brenda Coultas Reading The Tatters on Heart’s Content Road

Wordrunner Chapbooks --1
April 2017: M. Earl Smith reviews HARPOON by Michael Cavendish

Writer At Play --1

February 2017: Eileen Tabios engages SONG OF THE YUKON by Trisha Sugarek

Ypolita --1
25: Genevieve Kaplan reviews Tracks by Logan Ryan Smith

Zephyr Press--1
March 2017: Eileen Tabios engages NINE DRAGON ISLAND by Eleanor Goodman

MAY 2017: Adam DeGraff reviews “I’m Nobody! Who are you? The Life and Poetry of Emily Dickinson” Exhibition at The Morgan Library & Museum (organized with Amherst College), New York City, Jan. 20-May 28, 2017

27: Marton Koppany engages Three Visuals by Spencer Shelby; John Bloomberg-Rissman “Reviews” OUTSIDE-IN / INSIDE-OUT: A FESTIVAL OF OUTSIDE AND SUBTERRANEAN POETRY, UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW AND OTHER GLASGOW VENUES, 4– 8 OCTOBER 2016