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(154 as of GR #27)

above/ground --6

22: Edric Mesmer reviews TONES EMPLOYED AS LOSS by Lary Timewell, AN OVERTURE IN THE KEY OF F by Carrie Olivia Adams, THE STATE IN WHICH by Hailey Higdon, SUGAR BEACH by Camille Martin, from HARK: A JOURNAL by rob mclennan, and OVERHEARD WHILE HIDING FROM THE SUN: POST NOTEBOOK POEMS by Kate Schapira

ahadada (Japan and Canada) --1
4: Joyelle McSweeney reviews "THE TIME AT THE END OF THIS WRITING" by Paolo Javier

Ahsahta Press--2
25: Krystal Languell reviews Chinoiserie by Karen Rigby
1: Rusty Morrison reviews THE AREA OF SOUND CALLED THE SUBTONE by Noah Eli Gordon

Alice James Books --2
20: Lea Graham reviews BELOVED IDEA by Ann Killough
5: Alfred A. Yuson reviews MATADORA by Sarah Gambito

16: Richard Kostelanetz reviews "RE: PRINT: POEMS FROM TEN EXCITING NEW BOOKS," an article in AMERICAN POET, Fall 2009

Antibookclub --1
20: Kenneth Warren reviews BIBLIODEATH: MY ARCHIVES WITH LIFE IN FOOTNOTES by Andrei Codrescu

Anvil Publishing (Philippines) --1
14: Wilfredo Pascua Sanchez reviews POEMS SINGKWENTA’Y CINCO by Alfred A. Yuson 

Apogee Press --1
1: Anna Eyre reviews VERSO by Pattie McCarthy

Arsenal Pulp Press (Vancouver, Canada) --1
17: Paul Lai Reviews AUTOMATON BIOGRAPHIES by Larissa Lai

Atelos --1
5: Andrew Joron reviews ULTRAVIOLETA by Laura Moriarty

Ateneo de Manila University, Office of Research and Publication (Philippines) --1
5: Alfred A. Yuson reviews FAULTY ELECTRICAL WIRING: POEMS by Ruel S. de Vera

Auckland University Press --1
25: Julia Wieting reviews Fast Talking PI by Selina Tusitala Marsh

Autumn House Press --1
27: Sonja Swift reviews Presentimiento: a life in dreams by Harrison Candelaria Fletcher

Award Books --1
24:  Gerald Maa reviews  “Twenty-six Ways of Looking at a Blackman” from Twenty-six Ways of Looking at a Blackman and Other Poems by Raymond Patterson    

Baulking Ewes Press --1
22: Edric Mesmer reviews WEEKEND'S END by Tim Wright

Black Sparrow--1
2: Eileen Tabios reviews FORBIDDEN ENTRIES by John Yau

BlazeVOX Books --1
14: Erika Moya reviews SLAVES TO DO THESE THINGS by Amy King

Blue Begonia Press --1
1: Laurel Johnson reviews KIOT: SELECTED EARLY POEMS 1963-1977 by Charles Potts

Bookmark (Philippines) --1
9: Alfred A. Yuson engages PASSAGES: POEMS 1983-2006 by Edgar B. Maranan

BOA Editions --1
3: Sandy McIntosh engages LIVING IS WHAT I WANTED: LAST POEMS by David Ignatow

Burner Veer --1
19: Matthew Hall reviews FLASH BANG by James Cummins

Chax Press --2
6: Joyelle McSweeney reviews CHANTRY by Elizabeth Treadwell
3: Dana Teen Lomax reviews A READING SPICER AND 18 SONNETS by Beverly Dahlen

City Lights--3
23: Takeema Hoffman reviews NOCHITA by Dia Felix
19: John Olson reviews WHERE SHADOWS WILL: SELECTED POEMS 1988-2008 by Norma Cole
4: David Buuck reviews IN THE HEART OF THE HEART OF ANOTHER COUNTRY by Etel Adnan

CL Books --1

27: Crag Hill engages ALPHABET NOIR by Nico Vassilakis

Cleveland University Poetry Center --1
25: Kasey Elizabeth Johnson reviews The Tulip-Flame by Chloe Honum

Coconut Books --1
19: Edric Mesmer reviews DESIRING MAP by Megan Kaminski

Coffee House Press --3
15: Lisa Bower reviews SKIRT FULL OF BLACK by Sun Yung Shin
9: Andrew Joron reviews BROKEN WORLD by Joseph Lease
7: Catherine Wagner reviews MARGARET AND DUSTY by Alice Notley

Compline --1
19: Edric Mesmer reviews The Katechon: Lines 101-200 by Michael Cross

Critical Documents --1
19: Matthew Hall reviews GLOSS TO CARRIERS by Ian Heames

Cuneiform Press --1
9: Murat Nemet-Nejat reviews SUDDEN ADDRESS, SELECTED LECTURES 1981-2006 by Bill Berkson

De La Salle University Press (Philippines) --1
5: Alfred A. Yuson reviews BELIEVE & BETRAY: NEW AND COLLECTED POEMS by Cirilo F. Bautista

Drop Leaf Press --1
26: Paige Melin reviews Primavera by Jill Tomasetti

dusie --1
26: Paige Melin reviews yes & what happens by Hailey Higdon

Edge Books --1
9: Susana Gardner reviews ONCE UPON A NEOLIBERAL ROCKET BADGE by Jules Boykoff

editura pim (Lasi, Romania) --1
26: Neil Leadbeater engages (via Preface) JOINING THE DOTS by Monica Manolachi

Eratio PostModern Poetry --1
21: Eileen Tabios engages "SONG" by Marton Koppany's HUNGARIAN LANGART

Farrar, Straus and Giroux --2
19: Richard Kostelanetz reviews ALL THE WHISKEY IN HEAVEN by Charles Bernstein
10: Francie Noyes reviews AVERNO by Louise Gluck

First Intensity Press --1
3: Steve Potter reviews OXBOW KAZOO by John Olson

Fort Hemlock Press --1
21: Dana Wilde reviews THE BOLT-CUTTER: POEMS by Thomas R. Moore

Furniture Press Books --1
26: Patrick Riedy reviews Helene by Deborah Poe

Greenwillow Books (HarperCollins) --1
7: Catherine Wagner reviews 19 VARIETIES OF GAZELLE: POEMS OF THE MIDDLE EAST by Naomi Shihab Nye

Idiot Society Press --1
19: Matthew Hall reviews Sorry you’re Occupied: Spontaneous Order, edited by James Louden

i.e. Press --1
9: Judith Roitman reviews THE BOOK OF OCEAN by Maryrose Larkin

Image Comics --1
23: Maia Kobabe reviews MULTIPLE WARHEADS: ALPHABET TO INFINITY by Brandon Graham

Junction Press --1
3: Sandy Mcintosh engages SELECTED SHORTER POEMS by Armand Schwerner

Kearny Street Workshop --1
2: Barbara Jane Reyes reviews OCTOBER LIGHT by Jeff Tagami

Knives Forks and Spoons (U.K.) --2
26: Matthew Hall reviews Servant Drone by bruno neiva and Paul Hawkins
19: Edric Mesmer reviews WHEREIN? HE ASKS OF MEMORY by Jeremy Balius

La Alameda Press --1
18: Dana Wilde Reviews VANISHING ACT: POEMNS by Bruce Holsapple

Little Red Leaves Textile Series --1
22: Edric Mesmer reviews PROSPECTUS FOR A STAGE by Jared Schickling

Lunar Chandelier Collective --2
27: Robert Kelly offers Preface to UNCREATED MIRROR by Tamas Panitz, and Forward to WATERS OF by Billie Chernicoff

Marsh Hawk Press --3
19: Edric Mesmer reviews THE RELATIONAL ELATIONS OF ORPHANED ALGEBRA by Eileen R. Tabios and j/j hastain
18: Alan Ramon Clinton Reviews THE FEELING IS ACTUAL by Paolo Javier
6: Thomas Fink reviews THE AFTER-DEATH HISTORY OF MY MOTHER by Sandy McIntosh

Mayapple Press --1
26: Paige Melin reviews Apology of a Girl Who is Told She is Going to Hell by Devon Moore

Meritage Press --6
13: Martin Edmonds reviews PELICAN DREAMING: POEMS 1959-2009 by Mark Young
12: John Olson reviews COMPLICATIONS by Garrett Caples
10: Allen Gaborro reviews PRAU by Jean Vengua and STAGE PRESENCE edited by Theodore S. Gonzalves; Juaniyo Arcellana reviews PINOY POETICS edited by Nick Carbo
1: Yvonne Hortillo reviews MUSEUM OF ABSENCES by Luis H. Francia

Modjaji Books, (Athlone, South Africa) --1
16: Moira Richards reviews BURNT OFFERING by Joan Metelerkamp

Mountain --1
22: Edric Mesmer reviews PEOPLE by Danny Hayward

Moyer Bell --1
20: Lea Graham Reviews HEAT LINES by Michael Anania

New Issues Press --2
5: Britta Ameel reviews ALASKAPHRENIA by Christine Hume
2: Anna Eyre reviews PURR by Mary Ann Samyn

New Rivers Press --1
2: Yvonne Hortillo reviews REAL KARAOKE PEOPLE: POEMS AND PROSE by Ed Bok Lee

Nightwood Editions --3
25: Annick MacAskill reviews For Your Safety Please Hold On by Kayla Czaga
24: Meriwether Clarke reviews The Tribute Horse by Brandon Som
3: Timothy Yu reviews ANTHROPY by Ray Hsu

nine muses books --1
8: Judith Roitman reviews INVERSE by Maryrose Larkin

Noemi Press --1
26: Patrick Riedy reviews Deep City by Megan Kaminski

Norton --1
20:  Richard Lopez reviews RIMBAUD by Graham Robb

Numina Press --1
23: Jeff Von Ward reviews WE, MONSTERS by Zarina Zabrisky

O Books --3
6: Joyelle McSweeney reviews LILYFOIL + 3 by Elizabeth Treadwell
4: Joyelle McSweeney reviews *60 LV BO(E)MBS* by Paolo Javier
1: Allen Gaborro reviews *60 LV BO(E)MBS* by Paolo Javier

Omnidawn --1

23: Brandon Som reviews FROM UNINCORPORATED TERRITORY: [GUMA] by Craig Santos Perez

Pavement Saw Press --1
24:  Garin Cycholl reviews Uncontainable Noise by Steve Davenport

PressBoard Press --2
26: Marten Clibbens reviews Engine Light by Kate Colby and Prynne Poems by Nava Fader

Primary Writing Books --2

26: Tina Darragh reviews The Under Arc by Lynne Dreyer

Peaches and Bats --1
19: Edric Mesmer reviews PEACHES AND BATSIssue 9, Spring 2012 edited by Sam Lohmann

Penguin --4
11: Allen Gaborro Reviews DOVEGLION: COLLECTED POEMS by JOSE GARCIA VILLA, Ed. John Edwin Cowen
7: Catherine Wagner reviews DISOBEDIENCE by Alice Notley; Catherine Wagner reviews MYSTERIES OF SMALL HOUSES by Alice Notley
3: Allen Gaborro reviews NOLI ME TANGERE by Jose Rizal, Translated by Harold Augenbraum

Perro Verlag --1
19: Edric Mesmer reviews HGFED.JANVr; SOME STARS by Jo Cook

Plan B Press --1
19: Edric Mesmer reviews WORDS ON EDGE by Michael Leong

Pleasure Boat Studio --1
8: Scott Glassman reviews SIGHT PROGRESS by Zhang Er, Translation from Chinese by Rachel Levitsky with the author

PressBoardPress --3
26: Marten Clibbens reviews Engine Light by Cate Colby and Prynne Poems by Nava Fader
22: Edric Mesmer reviews CHRONICLES by Janet Kaplan

Punk Hostage Press --1

23: Nora Toomey reviews A  HISTORY OF BROKEN LOVE THINGS by SB Stokes

Red Glass Books --2

26: Patrick Riedy reviews A Liquid Bird Inside the Night by Alexandra Van de Kamp
22: Edric Mesmer reviews A THEORY OF THE VOWEL by Elisabeth Frost

Saturnalia Books --1
1: Steffi Drews reviews THE BABIES by Sabrina Orah Mark

Self-Published --3
22: Edric Mesmer reviews A KICK IN THE EYE: A COLLABORATIVE GRAPHIC NOVEL by Rosaire Appel (USA), Tony Burhouse (UK), Tim Gaze (Australia), Marco Giovenale (Italy), Gareth A. Hopkins (UK), Satu Kaikkonen (Finland), Gary J. Shipley (UK), Christopher Skinner (UK), Lin Tarczynski (USA), Orchid Tierney (New Zealand), Sergio Uzal (Argentina), Nico Vassilakis (USA)
3: Mark Lamoreaux reviews STEAM by Sandra Simonds
1: Steve Potter reviews CONCRETE MOVES by Nico Vassilakis

Silverfish Review Press --1
15: Eric Dickey reviews LIGHT FROM A BULLET HOLE: POEMS NEW AND SELECTED, 1950–2008 by Ralph Salisbury

Slope Editions --1
4: Steffi Drewes reviews LIKE WIND LOVES A WINDOW by Andrea Baker

Soft Skull Press --1
1: Steve Potter reviews TREMBLE & SHINE by Todd Colby

Spankstra Press --1
1: Laura Stamps reviews MEMPHIS JACK by Harvey Goldner

Stockport Flats --1
26: Patrick Riedy reviews I Know that this ritual by Brad Vogler

Subpress --1
5: Sharon Mesmer reviews OPPOSABLE THUMB by Joe Elliot

substancebooks (Capetown, South Africa) --1
16: Moira Richards reviews CARRYING THE FIRE by Joan Metelerkamp

Talisman Press --1
7: Catherine Wagner reviews SELECTED POEMS by Alice Notley

T'Boli Publishing --1
1: Allen Gaborro reviews A BOOK OF HER OWN: WORDS AND IMAGES TO HONOR THE BABAYLAN by Leny Mendoza Strobel

The National Poetry Foundation --1
3: Sandy McIntosh engages THE TABLETS by Armand Schwerner

Talon Books (Vancouver) --1
20: Amaranth Borsuk reviews FRACTAL ECONOMIES by Derek Beaulieu

Three Count Pour --1
22: Edric Mesmer reviews ANUNCIO'S LAST LOVE SONG by Nathaniel Mackey

Tinfish --1
6: Craig Perez reviews COMPOSITE. DIPLOMACY. by Padcha Tuntha-obas

Tiny Hardcore Press --1
23: Alexandra Gilliam reviews BESIDE MYSELF by Ashley Farmer

Tupelo Press --2
20: Lea Graham reviews VICTORY AND HER OPPOSITES by Amy England
9: Alfred A. Yuson engages AT THE DRIVE-IN VOLCANO by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Ugly Duckling Press --5
26: Tina Darragh reviews distance decay by Cathy Eisenhower; Paige Melin reviews Commentary (A Tale) by Marcelle Sauvageot, trans. by Christine Schwartz Hartley and Anna Moschokavis
20: Amaranth Borsuk reviews DOG EAR by Erica Baum
11: Patrick James Dunagan Reviews EVANGELINE DOWNS by Micah Ballard
7: Catherine Wagner reviews CATALOGUE OF COMEDIC NOVELTIES: SELECTED POEMS BY LEV RUBINSTEIN, Translated by Philip Metres and Tatiana Tulchinsky

University of Illinois Press --1
2: Timothy Yu reviews ASIAN AMERICAN POETRY: THE NEXT GENERATION, Edited by Victoria Chang

University of Iowa Press --1
20: REVOLVER by Robyn Schiff

University of North Texas Press --1
13: Troy Jollimore reviews OHIO VIOLENCE by Alison Stine

University of Santo Tomas (UST) Publishing House (Philippines) --2
5: Alfred A. Yuson reviews A FEAST OF ORIGINS by Dinah Roma; Alfred A. Yuson reviews ELSE IT WAS PURELY GIRLS by Angelo Suarez

University of the Philippines Press (Philippines) --1
1: Yvonne Hortillo reviews MUSEUM OF ABSENCES by Luis H. Francia

University Press of Florida --1
7: Catherine Wagner reviews EMAILS FROM SCHEHERAZAD by Mohja Kahf

Veer --1
22: Edric Mesmer reviews AGAINST WHITE by Karen Mac Cormack

Wave Books --2
27: Stan Mir reviews Red Juice: Poems 1998-2008 by Hoa Nguyen
4: Elizabeth Treadwell reviews POEM FOR THE END OF TIME AND OTHER POEMS by Noelle Kocot

Wesleyan University --2
4: Christine Hamm reviews PIECES OF AIR IN THE EPIC by Brenda Hillman
2: Juliana Spahr reviews BORN TO SLOW HORSES by Kamau Brathwaite

Winnow Press --1
2: Joshua Corey reviews DOWN SPOOKY by Shanna Compton

xLibris --1
9: Alfred A. Yuson engages SORROWS OF THE CHAMELEON by Ella Wagemakers

xPress(ed) --2
6: Eileen Tabios engages CORNUCOPIA by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
5: Eileen Tabios engages OBEYED DILEMMA by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen


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